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Mud and Prints works with many different coffee companies Orders as small as 1 to 1400.  We can ship to continental states.

With Mud and Prints mugs, you get to help design the shape, the color and the clay color. They become your mugs with your voice shining through.

Mud and Prints Works with other business to help with the branding of their business. These mugs are an artistic way to say thank you to your clients.

We also make mugs for special events or for family get togethers.

Personalized mugs make great gifts. They could be to help celebrate birthdays, new jobs, graduation, new home, or a special wedding gift. 

Mugs are a great way to make your morning coffee taste just a little bit sweeter.

Mugs can be different shapes and colors. You can have part of the mug with a raw ceramic base. Call us to explore your new mug.

Mug designs are unlimited. Prices are tied to quantity.

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