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 I am the owner of Mud and Prints.  I had been a public school art teacher for over 20 years and after retirement I found myself ready to get out and work with people again. I have set up my studio with other artists incorporating prints, sculptures, paintings, and ceramics.  
I have a passion for clay and love the dance that happens from start to finish.  I make hundreds of mugs for businesses, but enjoy creating so many other pieces.
My second love is painting. I have created many personal pieces for people. It is exciting to meet with people and discuss their vision and watch their reaction when they see the final product. 

Linda Schrage

Mile of Music.jpg
Mel is from Fond du Lac. She is a talented artist in so many ways. She is best known for her magnificent minimal prints. If you haven't seen her work, check her out on Instagram - Mel Kolstad or facebook - Mel Kolstad. Check out some of her many classes she offers. Aftet taking her class, I will never look at prints the same.
Mel Kolstad

Rob is a tenured professor at Lawrence University. He creates magnificent sculptures in many mediums.  He has 3 wonderful bronze castings at Mud and Prints. 

If you go to the new Fox Cities Exhibition Center you can see his contemporary  photorealism from area models. There are some 10000 faces that make up these stunning pieces. 

Rob Neilson

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